Author Topic: Chemicals , the Environment and You-7th Grade  (Read 305 times)

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Chemicals , the Environment and You-7th Grade
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Author: National Institute Of Health  / Genre: Medical Science

Students explore the relationship between chemicals in the environment and human health, utilizing basic concepts in the science of toxicology. This is a lesson book.

1. Chemicals, Chemicals, Everywhere
Observe a mystery chemical and read real case studies of exposure as an introduction to toxicology.

2. The Dose is the Poison
Perform an experiment to investigate chemical concentration effects on seed germination.

3. Dose-Response Relationships
Hypothesize about experimental results and discuss the dose-response relationship.

4. Individual Responses Can Be Different
Experimental responses between samples demonstrate of organisms to chemicals.
A video documentary teaches risk assessment and management from chemical exposure.

5. Environmental Hazards
Discover ways to eliminate or reduce exposure to environmental toxic agents.

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