Author Topic: Never Lonely Again  (Read 273 times)

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Never Lonely Again
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Author: Hans Wilhelm  / Year:  1945-Present  / Genre: 3-5 yr

Have you ever felt so lonely, even when you have friends? Most children experience this kind of environment when they have everything. Our friend, Chestnut, the squirrel also felt the same, feeling so lonely, so lazy and so bored. However, he is unaware of the fact that the world around him is surrounded by beautiful and lovable friends.

 Chestnut built his home in a tree hole. He was sleeping for a long time than usual hours. He felt very bored as he had no chores and has no friends. So he thought he would sleep for some more time. Suddenly, he saw something shaking the tree and believed it was earthquake. He jumped from the bed and came out of his tree house. It was not an earthquake, but an otter named Morris who was playing with the branches of the tree.

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