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The War in the Air
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Author: H.G.Wells / Year:  1866-1946  / Genre:war-Military

OUR AIRSHIP ESCAPADES into “a Dystopian Retro-Future which never was” continue in the epic Zeppelin war novel by H. G. Wells, THE WAR IN THE AIR. Young Bert Smallways, a brilliant mechanist and accidental aeronaut, finds himself as a reluctant stowaway upon the very same airship which begins the Great War. This is “dieselpunk” at its finest, featuring petrol-powered war machines, ironclads, bombardments, espionage, intrigue and daring adventures in the wild skies of the earliest 1900s. Smallways is swept away aboard the Vaterland, the flagship piloted by a belligerent German Prince, whose mastery of technology shall herald in a new age of war. How long can Smallways keep his identity a secret from the Prince? Will Bert survive THE WAR IN THE AIR?

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