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The Frog Prince and Other Stories
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Author: Walter Crane / Year: 1845-1915  / Genre: 10-12yrs.

The three charming stories contained in The Frog Prince and Other Tales include a less-known fairy-tale called Princess Belle-Etoile besides the title story and Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp. Published in 1874, the tales are re-told by the famous illustrator Walter Crane, who has also provided some of the most lovely illustrations in the book
The book makes an ideal gift and both parents and children will certainly enjoy it. It's perfect for bedtime story-reading sessions and kids would love gazing at the beautiful Greek-style illustrations that are scattered throughout the book.
The Frog Prince is a German fairy-tale, which was part of the Grimm's Fairy Tales collection. It tells of a beautiful and spoiled young princess who is taught one of life's most important lessons by a hideous frog.
Princess Belle-Etoile was originally a French story written by Baroness d'Aulnoy who coined the term “fairy tale.” It tells of an exiled queen who brings up her three daughters in poverty. An old woman visits them one day and they show her great kindness and hospitality. She, being a fairy, rewards them with boons. The rest of the story follows the adventures of the three sisters.
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp is another old favorite featured here. Though the story is set in “an Eastern city” the illustrations seem to follow an Asian theme but are nevertheless very charming.

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